RV Tech Training Center

The RV Industries Premier Tech Training Program

Our next class begins September 11, 2017  there are still seats available.

For info call 727.536.4694 or email: admissions@rvtrainingcenter.com

If you are interested in attending to become a Certified RV Technician, please download, complete and send the student enrollment and student information sheets along with the $150.00 registration fee.  Thanks
and see you in class!

The training you receive is based on the Industry recogonized RVDA/RVIA curriculum,  the  goal is to prepare you for an exciting career as part of a dealership based team or self-employed Technician in the field.

The goal is to have you become RVIA Certified, we encourage our students to take the RVDA/RVIA Registered and Certification tests while they are attending their current class to become Certified RV Technicians. You will never be better prepared,  we cover every task
for each test.  Registered is first, usually at the 5 week mark and the Certification is the day after RVTC Graduation.


RVDA/RVIA Certification requires two tests:

Registered Technician----- the fee is $150.00

Certified Technician Certification --- the fee is $325.00

These tests are administered by the RVDA/RVIA and fees are paid to them, along with the application for testing.  RVTC provides a facility for your to take the online test. You will need to bring a laptop computer with you for testing.

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