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We understand how difficult it is to get Techs, sometimes hiring just for the sake of having somebody in the bay to perform basic tasks with little or no training. Would you like to have them trained and back in your bays producing in weeks.  We will prepare them to go to work immediately after graduation by passing our extensive curriculum and hands on training after taking our final RV Tech Training Center test and receiving our certification. 
 Our next class begins September 14, 2020.  Seats available.

For info call 727.536.4694 or email: admissions@rvtrainingcenter.com  (Weekends or after hours: 727-804-8362)

If you are interested in attending to become a Certified RV Technician, please download, complete and send the student enrollment and student information sheets along with the $150.00 registration fee.  Thanks
and see you in class!


A 5-week course in RV Basics with Hands-on

RV Basic Course will consist of:  
  1. Introduction to RV Service
  2. Pre-Delivery Inspection & Preventative Maintenance
  3. Propane Systems
  4. Electricial Systems
The Fees for the Basic Course:
  • Registration Fee  $   150.00
  • Basic Course       $2,997.00
For interest, please call 727.536.4694 or email: admissions@rvtrainingcenter.com


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